Center for Small Bowel Disease and Nutrition

October 27, 2014

Carol Semrad, MD

The University of Chicago Medicine’s is one of a few medical centers focusing on small bowel disease and nutrition, and one of only six in the United States with the endoscopic equipment to diagnose and treat small bowel syndrome/intestinal failure. Carol Semrad, MD pioneered this program and is ready to help you and your patients. 

The Center for Small Bowel Disease and Nutrition dates back to 2003 when Carol Semrad, MD, brought the newly discovered endoscopic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of small bowel disease at UCM. 

“Traditionally it was difficult to access this specific area of the bowel and few physicians received training in it,” said Dr. Semrad, the center’s director. “Using new endoscopic equipment that goes deep into the bowel, our physicians are experts in diagnosing and treating patients with complex needs as a result of small bowel bleeding and short bowel syndrome/intestinal failure. We are also involved in clinical research aimed at novel therapies in the treatment of these disorders.”

The center is also unique in that it has a dedicated team of nutrition experts to provide parenteral nutrition support to patients who have lost weight, are severely malnourished and may die if left untreated. These include individuals with inflammatory bowel disease, short bowel syndrome, radiation enteritis, malabsorption syndromes, severe pancreatitis and biliary disease, as well as those with enteral feeing difficulties.

“Our multidisciplinary Nutrition Support Team includes physicians, pharmacists, nurses and dietitians, allowing us to provide safe administration of parenteral nutrition in the inpatient and outpatient setting,” Dr. Semrad said. “We were one of the first centers in the country to take advantage of this new intravenous feeding therapy back in the 1970s.”

Annually, the Center for Small Bowel Disease and Nutrition treats approximately 400 adults with celiac disease, many travelling hours from Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin to access UCM’s expertise in this area. The center also sees the largest number of patients with short bowel disease/intestinal failure in the Chicago area.

For referral assistance, urgent patient transfers, patient appointments or consultations, physicians may call GI Physician Connect at 1-844-824-4362. Appointments are usually available within one to two weeks.

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