Dr. Kupfer now accepting patients at new Gastrointestinal Cancer and Prevention Risk clinic

October 27, 2014

Sonia Kupfer, MD

The University of Chicago Medicine has a long-standing tradition of cancer risk assessment. New this year, the Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic provides counseling and hope to people with increased risk.

UCM’s new Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic offers personalized and precision medicine for at-risk patients and survivors of gastrointestinal malignancies. A registry dating back to the 1990s when world-renowned breast oncologist Olufunmilayo I. Olopade began cancer risk assessment at UCM, helps our physicians identify new syndromes and develop more effective cancer prevention strategies to care for their patients. 

The clinic’s integrated team of experts includes a genetic counselor dedicated to gastrointestinal cancer syndromes. Since predisposition syndromes often affect multiple organs, the team also includes gastroenterologists, gynecologists, oncologists and surgeons who provide state-of-the-art GI cancer risk assessment and genetic testing, management of hereditary syndromes and cancer prevention counseling.

“To develop a comprehensive risk assessment plan that addresses the patient’s concerns about the benefits and risks of genetic counseling, we work closely with the referring physician and the individual,” said Clinic Director Sonia Kupfer, MD, who studied under Dr. Olopade. “We also involve families to the extent requested by the patient.”

As part of its community outreach efforts, the Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk and Prevention Clinic offers educational programs and resources for patients, families and organizations. Over the last few years, UCM has partnered with City of Hope to host an annual educational conference for physicians, which rotates between Chicago and Los Angeles. 

For referral assistance, urgent patient transfers, patient appointments or consultations, physicians may call GI Physician Connect at 1-844-824-4362. Appointments are usually available within one to two weeks.

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