Keeping a Heart Beating on Time: A Visit to the Electrophysiology Lab


Hemal Nayak, MD, a leading expert in cardiac electrophysiology at the University of Chicago Medicine, performs an ablation on a patient with atrial fibrillation in the electrophysiology lab at the Center for Care and Discovery.

Here at the University of Chicago, we have been researching and applying the latest techniques for A-fib treatment. We’re using special catheters that allow us to know how much force we’re applying onto the tissue, and that’s been shown to improve the success rate for the procedure. We are one of only a handful of centers in the US which use a new mapping system called Rhythmia. It allows us to create a detailed 3-D reconstruction of the heart allowing us to customize the procedure for each patient.



Hemal Nayak

Hemal Nayak, MD

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